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Wanna Play?

Maybe you wonder where I’ve been the last six months.  I wonder that myself.  I couldn’t exactly tell you, because the place I’ve been is forming itself as we speak.  I’m writing this novel in poetry form, and though my characters and I are in the thick of it, None of us can tell exactly how it’s going to turn out.

That’s where you come in.  If you want, you can join us and comment on the story as it unfolds.  The story-in-poetry is called “Came the Revolution,” and you can find it in the Journalese section of PoetryCircle at http://www.poetrycircle.com.

Though PC is open to all for free, you will have to become a member to access Journalese, but membership is free, too.

It scares me a little to make this offer, because if you want to be mean and nasty, your comments could hurt.  But if you like the story and want to offer suggestions, I will gladly put your name in the Acknowedgments section of the book when it comes out.



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